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Riak Zombie Apocalypse 2nd meetup (Oct 2013) – levelDB and secondary indexes

I have written up some details from “Zombie Apocalypse” part two which was held in the very beautiful offices of TTY Amsterdam. Under my riak wiki page, I have first written up details of a vagrant project which enables to replicate the work we did on the AWS cloud in a 5-node devrel environment: […]

Riak Amsterdam Meetup – Sept 2013 (Zombie Apocalypse) Part Three – bulk load using python and protocol buffers

Hello Riak … running our first bulk import of 10000 rows via a python script and CSV file The python script is using riak protocol buffers and is quite readable here is some of the sample rows from the CSV file: we ran the bulk load: Note I have shortened the output from as […]

Riak Amsterdam Meetup – Sept 2013 (Zombie Apocalypse) Part Two – SetUp

Download and installing Riak and Erlang from the source code We were all give AWS nodes to work on (e.g. – DaveP) There are some pre-requisite packages next we downloaded the source code for riak and erlang: and installed erlang first: then riak: and started a five node riak cluster the results should be […]

Riak Amsterdam Meetup – Sept 2013 (Zombie Apocalypse) Part One – Overview

Introduction by Joel Jacobson from Joel Jacobson from Basho did a brief overview of Riak, here are a few points: * Protocol buffers are much faster than the REST API * Angry Birds runs on riak.. 9 Clusters with over 100 nodes see front page of today ( * Voxer “push to tal”… […]

Two interesting discussion threads from the NoSQL Riak Meeetup

Firstly Joel Jacobson (Technical Evangelist at Basho Technologies) gave a very quick technical overview of Riak and after his presentation there was some discussion of popular storage engines: * BITCASK – very good for small riak data stores where you can cache all data in RAM) * LEVELDB – new very compact and efficient key/value […]

Getting started with Riak ahead of NoSQL Amsterdam meetup

Tomorrow I am going to the  NoSQL Raik Meetup in Amsterdam. I have been reading the excellent “7 databases in 7 weeks” and was able to download a vagrant machine with riak installed ( Starting riak was quite simple: and I have three beam.smp processes running but my first functional test failed with a “insufficient_vnodes” […]